How to Design an App That Will Make Everyone Go Wild

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Are you thinking about designing an app?. Well, doing it is not a walk in the park, but it’s not rocket science either.  Maybe you have a great idea, but are scared to turn it into a reality.

With the right mindset and approach, anyone can design an app that will blow everyone’s mind. In this article, we will show you how to design an app from scratch and make it a hit. Follow us through the reading!

Design thinking and app development

When creating an app, you need to think like the user and try to understand their needs, wants, and pain points. Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that puts the user at the center of the design process. 

This human-centered approach is vital for user experience. It will help you create an app that is not only functional but also user-friendly. Normally, it consists of 5 steps: Defining the problem, researching, ideation, prototype and testing.

And, even though it can be easy to implement it, these five stages can develop simultaneously and make the process complicated. That’s why, when developing an app, you need to consider the following questions:

  • What problem does your app solve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What features do you need to include?
  • How will your app make money?
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Designing an app from scratch: 7 steps

Designing an app from scratch can be a daunting task. You need to consider many factors while doing it. But,  following these seven steps, you can create an app that will be loved by many. Let’s take a look at them!

Competitive analysis

To create a successful app, you need to know your competition. Research it and analyze their app features, design, and monetization strategy. This will give you a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t.

There are great options for app designers that provide a comprehensive competitive analysis that includes data on app downloads, ratings, and reviews. This information is crucial when designing an app that stands out in a crowded market!

User research

User research is essential when designing an app. You need to understand your target audience, their interests and needs. This will help you create an app that solves their problems.

Many companies offer user research services that help you gather data about your target audience. They can conduct user interviews, surveys, and focus groups to gather insights into user behavior and preferences.

 With this information, you can create an app that meets the needs of your target audience. And, also create something that will attract them.

User interviews

User interviews are a great way to gather information about your target audience. There are companies that offer this service and will allow you to connect with your target audience, asking them questions about their experience with similar apps.

By implementing this technique, you will be able to discover what they like and what they don’t. This data will help you create an app that meets their expectations and solves their problems.

User personas

After conducting user interviews, you can create user personas. These are fictional characters that represent your target audience. They help you understand your users’ behavior, goals, and motivations.

You can get help on the internet in many ways to create user personas based on the data gathered from user research. By doing this, you can create an app that meets their needs and desires.

User flow

User flow is the path that the user takes when using your app. You need to design a user flow that is intuitive and easy to follow. This will help your users navigate your app without getting lost or frustrated.

You can create a user flow that meets the needs of your target audience. Consider it if you want your app to offer a good user experience and create a loyal audience that will return!


Wireframing is the process of creating a visual representation of your app. It helps you see how your app will look and feel before you start coding. 

You can also create wireframes that reflect your app’s functionality and design. With many services, you can save time and money by identifying design flaws before coding begins. So, keep it in mind!


This is the process of creating a working model of your app. It allows you to test your app’s functionality and usability before launching it to the market. Doing it can help you see mistakes you didn’t notice before. So, it’s really important!


Designing an app is a challenging but rewarding process. By following the seven steps outlined in this article, you can create an app that meets the needs of your target audience and stands out in a crowded market.

Still, designing your app is only the first step. You should also consider different options to monetize your mobile app. And, luckily, we can help you with that!

Consider using Orquidea to ptimize the income of your web or app simply and intuitively. We are a great option for app designers and can help you make the process easier. What are you waiting for? Contact us and we will help you!

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