Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Ad Networks

What is a mobile ad network

You see people using phones everywhere you go. But did you know there’s an easy way to make money from those phones?

All it takes is a few mobile ads. Mobile users will see these ads in YouTube videos, free applications, and in their Google searches. You can make a lot of money targeting those users.

But how do you reach them in the first place? What is a mobile ad network?

Today you’ll get the answers to those questions. And you’ll learn how ad space on mobile apps can boost your revenue.

What Is an Ad Network?

To make ad revenue, you need to engage users, publishers, and advertisers. But where do you find them in the first place?

Businesses cannot monetize their apps and websites on their own. Ad networks offer an advertising ecosystem where publishers and ad makers can meet.

Think of an ad network as a broker between you and ads. Ad makers can find a good place for their ads, such as mobile games. Those who want to generate ad revenue find ads that work for their service.

What Is a Mobile Ad Network?

A mobile ad network focuses on app marketing. The advertising ecosystem on mobile phones is very different from desktop browsers. Often, ad servers focus on serving mobile or desktop ads alone.

If you want to improve your app marketing, you should turn to mobile ad networks. These will focus on ads that target mobile devices rather than generic ads that can go everywhere. Publishers and advertisers who want generic advertising content and mobile advertising content can use an expert like Agency Orquídea.

How Do Mobile Apps Generate Interest?

While some apps are pay-per-click, mobile apps tend to be eCPM. That means effective cost per mille.

That means that per every 1,000 or so impressions, you get paid for the ad. What are ad impressions, though? An impression means one instance in which the user saw an ad.

Make sure you have a professional at your back. A reputable agency like Agency Orquídea can maximize your ad impressions.

Why Choose Mobile Ads?

The answer to this one is simple. Over half the world uses smartphones today. That’s a huge chunk of money you can make by going mobile.

This trend is only increasing. More and more companies are moving to apps. People often use their phones before they use their computers.

That means you need to get mobile ads now!

Cross-Platform Mobile Ads

If you want your users to know about all your products, mobile ads are great for this purpose. You can have cross-platform ads. These are ads that take your users to another ad, website, or service. 

This is a great way to get users into your ecosystem.

Types of Mobile Ads

Native ads to mobile devices can make clever use of mobile technology. They can feature ads that might not be possible on a desktop computer system. In many cases, they make it impossible for users to block your ads.

Banner Ads

Free applications often rely on ads to survive. They have costly development. They need regular updates to account for vulnerabilities.

An easy way to do this is through banner ads. These are the ads you see at the bottom or top of your screen. These ads can have animations or show short GIF repeat videos.

Banner ads are less intrusive than full-screen ads. They’re less annoying than block ads that break up the text. But users will still notice them when checking their notifications.

Banner ads can be frustrating, however. If you situate them near the navigation buttons, users may tap them without meaning to.

Notification Ads

Notification ads are ads that appear in the notification drawer of a smartphone. 

These ads are significantly more limited. You can only put text or a graphic. There is no option to make video notification ads.

These ads excel because the user is guaranteed to see them. When they swipe through notifications, they’ll have to check to see what it says. There is higher engagement and a likelihood that they will click.

To use these ads, you will need mobile marketers that partner with an app. These ads require more planning. They will require you to make a deal with the app maker in question.

Users may perceive notification ads as one of the most annoying kinds. They may want their phone to remain clean of them. The major downside to notification ads is that users can turn them off and they won’t see them again.

Interactive Ads

Smartphones may have smaller screen spaces, but they allow better interaction. That’s because smartphones all have touch screens. Users can interact with greater ease by touching an ad.

If you want to advertise a mobile game, this is a great method. Users can try out your mobile game before even downloading it.

This also allows you to make surveys. The sky is the limit here. As long as your programmers can program it, you can create an interactive ad.

Mobile Ads Are Ad Block Proof

Ad block is the scourge of anyone who wants to make advertising money. These free applications allow users to block any and all ads. 

It’s not easy to block ads on mobile. Users need to install a third-party application to do so. This application does not come from trusted sources.

If you’re tired of ad block, mobile ads might be the solution. Agency Orquídea can help you to make sure users cannot block your ads.

Get a Mobile Advertising Network

So what is a mobile ad network? Now you know!

The future of the world is mobile. Smartphones are only growing in popularity. It’s time for you to generate ad revenue from the best that ad networks offer.

Get in contact with Agency Orquídea, the premier ad publishers. See how mobile ads can boost your revenues to the extreme.

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