How to Put Ads on Your Website and Get Paid: Everything You Need to Know

advertise on my website and get paid

Did you know there’s an easy way to earn money on your website?

Selling products or services can be variable. These sales might not provide consistent income. But if you want a simple revenue stream, you need to put ads on your website.

If you sell ad space, all you need to do is put some code on your site. That’s it!

That said, it pays to get ads optimized for your site, to understand ad networks, and to make sure your customers only see relevant ads. 

Today you’ll learn how to monetize your website and make it earn money without even touching it!

Where Do You Begin?

First, you need to understand how ads make it to your site. Google Ads are everywhere, but the site owner needs to take a few steps to get them.

Your site generates traffic. That makes you a publisher. Ads rely on publishers as a platform to reach people.

For these ads to find you, you need an ad network. Ad networks allow ad makers to find publishers that can feature their content. The ad network tells advertisers how much traffic they get and what their audience is.

Sign Up With an Ad Network

The most common ad network is Google Adsense. They make it simple to open an Adsense account and start to put ads on your website. Keep in mind that there are many great alternatives out there.

Each ad network has its own rules and guidelines. Make sure your website adheres to these, or find another ad network.

Put Ads on Your Website

Once the ad network approves you, it’s time to display ads on your website and get paid! 

Refer to your ad network’s guide on how to deploy ads. Google Ads uses an Adsense dashboard that allows you to put ads on your site in a painless way. Some ad networks will require technical know-how to do this.

Go and test the new ads yourself. Open your website on a computer or phone browser. Check to see if the ads are displaying and if you can click on them.

If you are having technical issues, refer to your ad network’s technical support.

Put Ads on Your App

If you have an app, this is also a great place to put ads. Customers prefer the convenience of apps over websites. Do keep in mind that ads can be much more annoying on small phone screens.

Apps need a significant investment in development and time. Ads allow your app to generate revenue and remain free. 

You may be blocking your customer base by charging a one-time purchase price for your app. Consider using ads so all your customers can access your services. That means more money online for you in the long term.

Consider Video Ads

Most ads have pictures or animated graphics with a “click here” button. Depending on the structure of your website and the nature of your product, you might consider video ads.

Video ads generate more revenue. Further, they’re much more engaging than a static image. 

If possible, avoid autoplay ads. These are ads that play as soon as the user enters the site. These ads require more bandwidth and may annoy a user with the sound.

Get in contact with your ad network’s technical support and ask about video ads that do not autoplay. Your customers will thank you, and a friendly website will generate more traffic.

Make Sure the Ads Are Appropriate

Sometimes, ads may show explicit or irrelevant content. The last thing you want is to drive away customers with sexual or profane ads. Make sure to update settings so the ads stay appropriate.

Customers can report bad ads with the report button. Get in contact with technical support if your ad network continues to promote inappropriate ads despite your opposition.

It’s important to have relevant ads to promote your business, too. Ads should keep your users browsing longer. If they see ads that don’t apply to them, that reduces their browsing time.

Get in contact with an affiliate marketer. You can make even more money by placing their custom ads on your site. Affiliate links generate a lot more income than everyday clicks.

Get Paid

Ad networks tend to pay their publishers once per month. They base your pay on the number of clicks. There are other metrics, too, such as unique visitors. 

Understand that in order for your ad network to pay you, you need to reach the minimum threshold. That means you need to get a certain amount of clicks before they will pay you.

If your ads only get a handful of clicks per month, you might not make any money.

Optimize Ads

You may not generate much revenue from ads in the beginning. This is normal! It takes time to experiment until you hit the jackpot.

Try different ad content. Try different types of ads, including interactive ads. Include surveys for your visitors to find out why the content doesn’t resonate with them.

This is a trial and error process. Find an ad network that works closely with you to handpick ads that fit your business. This can make a world of difference for your ad revenue streams.

Forbid Ad Blockers

Ad blockers can block any kind of ad. Make sure users cannot use ad blockers when entering your site. These blockers are common and will prevent any opportunity for them to click on an ad.

Find the Best Ad Network for You

If you’ve decided to put ads on your website, it’s time to find an ad network that will maximize your revenue. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Google is the only option. It’s a large corporation that lacks the personal touch of a customer-friendly network.

Find an ad network that makes you a priority. They’ll find the perfect ads for your site and make your revenue soar!

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