Monetize your mobile app
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In the two decades, the mobile app market has transformed into one of the most active and lucrative spaces. It has made many people rich and is a reliable income stream for many businesses. With a rise in Americans creating their own apps, an effort towards monetization strategies becomes a necessity. Apps continue to expand, and it shows no sign of stopping soon.

There are many approaches to monetizing an app, and each of them has its own pros and cons. Despite a small percentage of the market paying for app usage, billions are put into the industry each year. The challenge is that most don’t know where to start with app monetization. Professional help from Orquidea can take your app to the next level and maximize your revenue.

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Proven Strategies of Monetization

There are many ways to approach monetization, and one successful strategy may not necessarily work for your app. You’ll need to consider your competitors, audience, and niche to generate revenue. With professional help, you can create a plan and gain insight into the app, narrowing your options. These strategies applied by our team at Orquidea can work for Android app monetization, as well as other platforms.

In-App Ads

A popular choice for many apps is to include advertising within the software. Since many users do not want to pay, it can be a more reliable method of earning money. The average user spends at least 90 minutes a day on their phone. Each second they spend looking at ads on your app will surely bring money in.
Doing this requires the use of native ads. There are several types one can apply, but these are the most popular:

  • Banner Ads These are present at the top or bottom of the app. They can get in the way of the mobile experience, so you have to be careful about the placement.
  • Interstitial ads Interstitial ads have placements that won’t interfere with the app’s use. They’re less frustrating, and the design is more intuitive than other types.
  • Notifications Many apps use these to remind users at set periods. Others use these to advertise, but it isn’t a strategy welcomed by many.
  • Capture ads These ads tie directly to the use of the app. For example, a gaming app may want to use the in-game currency for users who take the time to watch the ad.

Partnerships or Sponsorships

Finding a partner that resonates with your audience and niche can elevate the user’s experience, inclining them to join in. You can integrate features that work with these partners as a way to advertise but bring in people to their business. It can also work the other way around when these businesses promote your app and bring in new customers.

It requires establishing a connection with a business with a similar customer base. A professional team like Orquidea can help you find these companies and connect with them. We can begin working on a partnership or sponsorship deal that adds more income to your app.

In-App Purchases

Another way to earn money using your app is through purchases. Setting it up is simple as app stores have a way for you to connect to a payment system they run and maintain. Buying is optional. You keep the audience that wants to use the app for free while providing an avenue for those who desire to pay for extra features and services.

While it’s a common practice in gaming, it works with any app. A popular strategy for these apps is to gate specific content or features. Others can even include monthly billing subscriptions. Succeeding with this strategy requires careful consideration of what is free-to-use and what can be gated.

Premium Versions and Subscriptions

Another way to tackle monetization is to offer a premium version of the app. You have one that’s free to use and provides the basics of what the app promised. However, unlocking multiple features to enhance the experience is locked as users will need to pay to get the complete experience.

It can be a one-time payment, but others also like to employ a subscription scheme. They can offer a lower amount for people to unlock the features, paid every month. Some businesses like the paid app format, while others prefer subscriptions.

These can bring in the revenue you’re looking for in an app. Setting up can be challenging, but that’s where we come in. Orquidea can help you find the right monetization strategy and apply them, so you can begin earning.

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The monetization strategy and ad formats we use won’t matter if users cannot use the app well. We want to make the best decisions and avoid pitfalls that could cost you more money. Through Orquidea, you can open up the door to more opportunities with the following features:

  • Numerous payment options

    Users will be able to use the platform and payment method they desire when using the app.

  • Real-time analytics

    Learn what ads are working and what your audience is doing. It will help you focus your efforts and avoid ineffective advertisements.

  • Dedicated support

    Our support team is ready any day and any time of the week to help you. We’ll troubleshoot any issue you encounter, ensuring that you continue to get a steady revenue stream.

As the app owner, you can also work towards marketing the app. After all, users who are willing to spend money or view ads are what you need. Modern digital marketing efforts work here. Many of our partners apply the following strategies:

  • Social media
  • Email lists
  • Content marketing
  • SMS lists
  • And many more
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Orquidea: Providing Mobile App Monetization Solutions

Many people desire to monetize their app and begin earning money. However, they don’t know what to do and how to begin. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. At Orquidea, we make it so that monetization is accessible and affordable.

We use technology to help connect you to advertisers, opening your door to multiple opportunities. With a specialized staff, you can maximize your app by providing it with a way to earn money. Contact us today and begin your journey.

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